Friday, August 22, 2003


It's that time of year! Lease on my place in London expires in a week or so. The letting agents contacted me a little while ago to see if I wanted to relet the place for another year. DEFINITELY! I asked if the tenant would be staying's a bit too early to ask him, we'll let you know. The letter arrived from them yesterday. Please be good news!!!! Opened it carefully, not wanting to see what it said...but...yayyyyy!!!! The guy's going to renew for another year. Same rent as last year...which is fine with me (especially since I just refinanced the place). Would have cost me a lot more if the place had been empty for a month while they found someone else....hardly worth the effort of doing that just to get an extra $30/40 per it out.....if I lose $1240 one month, how many months would the next tenant have to stay for me to catch up.....just didn't make sense. So I'm really pleased about that. The agents go in and check the place twice a year for me and each time they're written to tell me it's all ok and he's looking after let him stay.

Wish the landlord was as nice here. Just renewed my lease here and the rent's gone up...OK only $10 a month, hardly a big deal really...!!! And really they are pretty good.....although they've still not been to fix my toilet seat.......hmmmm...maybe I'll remind them when I pay the rent next time.....???? Oh....and note's the first time since 1998 (I had to dig back into my memory for this), that I've been at the same address for a year...though perhaps shouldn't speak too soon...still got a few days to go....but it's looking promising!!!

Went into Fred's last night to talk to Chris and Yelena about life, the universe and everything (which reminds me...there's a new Douglas Adams book that I HAVE to buy!!!). Chris is ALWAYS so positive about stuff....cheered me up. :-) They have their "white party" tonight....gotta go rummage around for some white stuff to wear........hmmmmm.....pretty sure I've got a lacy top and I know I've got some white jeans (which are too big but might survive an evening)....that'll have to I gotta call Sharon....see how she's doing......


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