Saturday, August 09, 2003


If u dont know what it means...look it up....somewhere!

Typical...damn thing won't publish now....just clicks a lot....oh here...we go...well, that was worth the effort....sssss!!!!

Suppose I could make this slightly more interesting. Hmmmmm, lemme see....oh, I know....busy week coming up...two interviews (one a second!!!) and Snake says he's coming down for chicken wings. Actually he woke me up the other night (must have fallen asleep on the sofa) for a really strange conversation: I need chicken wings. Well come down and we'll get some. I'm off next week. OK, I'm off all the time (!). Gotta go for a walk now. The end. Crawled into bed confused and bewildered. That was at midnight....why is he walking round Toronto at midnight? Be afraid, be VERY afraid. Decided he must have been drunk....later found out that he goes for walks instead of sex....which, like Rob, he claims to have given up (though being men, it seems that means nowt...check the dictionary guys, I think you'll find abstinence means you DON"T get any!!!!). Oh, I see. All is now totally mud! Personally I think he walks round Toronto looking for sex rather than distracting himself from it! LOL

Spoke to Sharon. Still down about her dog...and now ripping up her carpet to take her mind off things. Errrr....Ok.....Did offer to help but told her I'm NOT moving any furniture....she can do that herself!!! Chiropractor (the other one ;-)) called to check up on me. Sweetie.

Now debating whether I can drag myself away from the AC (did u see the weather forecast this morning? Said 93% humidity....TOO MUCH)....mmmmmmmmm...maybe another few moments.......


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