Sunday, August 17, 2003


Yesterday morning Taz turns up bearing and muffins from Timmy H. Yayyyy. And a back rub thrown in for good measure....mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. And he looked over the car and seemed very impressed with the job they've done...especially as, he says, that particular paint is really hard to match!!! What a nice start to the weekend. :-) This morning I've woken up and it's cool......wooohoooo...turned off the A/C, opened all the windows and am enjoying the breeze blowing through the apartment......

Not updated this for a couple of days. Lemme think about what's been going on...

Friday: went for the interview up in Lockport. Drive up there was nice although I'm not sure if I want to do that every day, especially in the winter. About 30 mins door to door. The company has an office on the side of the canal. Really lovely little building that they've just moved into. Unfortunately they were having the carpets replaced that day so we sat outside and talked. Would have been OK apart from it was SO DAMN HOT! Could feel my arms burning up in the sunshine....I had dressed to be INDOORS!!!!!!! How did it go? Very hard to tell....playing the inscrutable game. Told them how much money I wanted and I guess that will probably mean I never hear from them again. Oh well, not so bothered about that job...focusing on the other one!!!

Taz has worms! LOL. The worm virus is on his PC. Been nagging him to get it sorted out and Friday lunchtime talked him through actually removing the damn thing. Now he's gotta finish it off (load that MS patch) and he keeps telling me his anti-virus software (which he's only just installed) is telling him he's still got a virus. Tried explaining to him that it could be the same thing or it could be a different one but it's really hard to tell as we've been doing this over the phone. Silly boy. He needs to stop cruising eBay and SORT IT OUT!!!!! We were going to mend it on Thursday but the power went out...I assumed that he'd lost power and realised that you can't do PC stuff without it...then it turns out that his power was on all the time so while I was stuck in heat and humidity he went out drinking not realising there were problems....told him that was SO least I could have sat at his place in A/C...meany!!!!!

Snake called the middle of Eastenders, so I pretty much missed it (it's on for 2.5 hours so feel sorry for his phone bill!!!). His car broke down (there seems to be a spate of this at the moment - Taz's van was out of action the other day!) so he went to Hamilton for a few days. We had a good moan about politicians and power outages and stuff. He's up in Toronto and didn't get power back til 1.30am Friday morning. Says Friday it was on and off all the time but seemed OK yesterday. He's like a Canadian version of Rob. Have I said that before? Probably....well tough cos I'm saying it again. It was funny cos he said he'd call about 1.30 and my mother called at that exact moment (she'd decided to surprise me by calling on a Saturday rather than today.. ) Thought it was him and very nearly said something embarassing....recovered just in time! LOL

Ooooh...there's a guy moving in downstairs. I only know cos I went to get my mail and there was a package for John someone (Apt 2). That's exciting. Robin and I were guessing about what he might be like. I said he's probably 60...or moving in with a woman. She wants it to be someone young and attractive (well I do too but I doubt it!). Suppose I could go the office and ask but it's more fun to think about weird and wonderful stories...although I'm bound to be disappointed when he finally does turn up. Guess it's gotta be soon if his mail's here already....this week maybe??????

Yesterday was the first day in a while that I actually managed to get some sun. Last couple of weeks have just been TOO hot for me. Looking at my arms/legs today, I'm not sure that I changed color at all but it was nice to be out for a bit. This summer's been pretty crappy really...what with excessive heat (for me anyway), humidity (which does my head in totally), thunderstorms (that seemed to happen whenever I'd planned to do something outdoors) and the car accident, I've spent too much time indoors trying to keep cool, or dry or painfree. Just SO glad they installed that A/C unit....even it's cool for the rest of the summer it was money well spent! Hoping that maybe the worst is over now and some normality can be restored for the next couple of months....although as I type that, the sky has suddenly gone grey....please DON'T RAIN TODAY!!!!!!!

Anyway I've gotta do some cleaning up now. Think yoga, then cleaning then bathing.....if I put my mind to it I can have an afternoon of.....hmmm...well maybe movies if the rain comes.....not been for ages...although not much on that I want to see...ah well, can always go back to Starbucks and read....


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