Monday, August 11, 2003

Topsy Turvy

In Buffalo the rain is pouring down, the sky is black and storm/flood warnings abound. And on the other side of the pond, it hits 100 degrees for the FIRST TIME EVER. My poor parents are wilting. Noone has A/C over there...after all...why would u need it? Temperatures never get that high. Unfortunately a lot of the offices don't have A/C either.....YUK, imagine stuck inside in that heat???? And their car, being about 7 years old, doesn't have it either....must be like driving an oven (not that I know what that feels like!). So where would I rather be....errr....I think I'll take the rain at the moment. London Underground have issued heat warnings for people as they get on the Tube. They're telling people to take bottled water on with them and to let staff know if they don't feel too well before they got on. That would be one of my worst nightmares...stuck on a Tube train, underground, in the heat......bad enough in a usual summer....oh, and don't forget the builder community....they only bathe once a imagine the smell by Friday.....!!! LOL

Finished Harry Potter. The second half was much better than the first...just couldn't get into it. Writing wasn't too good, didn't flow too well, found myself having to reread bits of it to follow her sentences. Was talking to my chiropractor about it this morning....side note: lay on the floor on my stomach to read and then found I couldn't move...told me that was REALLY BAD for nerrrrr to those people that keep telling me I should be stretching backwards!!!! Anyway he agreed on the book....tried to read it to his daughters but even they were complaining! And I thought it was just me!!!!!!! As for the was OK but that ending was crap.....totally unimaginative and very disappointing. Not sure I'm gonna waste my money on the next one...if she bothers with a next one.....

And tomorrow morning's interview...they just called to change it. Damn. That gives me an extra day to prepare (good) and worry (bad).


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