Sunday, August 24, 2003


All very pretty...white balloons and streamers draped round the walls and balloons floating gracefully across the many ways more graceful than some of the dancers.....

The "bitches" (someone else's nickname for them) weren't there so it was a very enjoyable evening. Although I had no sooner walked in and sat down to change my shoes when PT launches into an interrogation on Sharon....have you spoken to her at all? what's the matter with her? when did her dog die? blah blah blah...on and on and on....I can only think she must have been saving this up since she called her on Thursday. Hey, it's none of your f***ing business!!!!! Sharon doesn't want to talk to her and told her that politely. So don't come to me trying to get gossip. I'm not playing that game!!!! Certainly wasn't going to repeat my conversation with her (Sharon) of a couple of hours earlier.

About an hour later she comes up to me...."How's the job hunt going?", "It's going" smiled sweetly and wandered off to get a drink...she followed me!!!! Can you believe it? "What does that mean?". It means it's none of your f***Ing business!!!! If she were genuinely interested, I'd tell her but I have learned that PT is only after gossip that she can spread around and I'm really tired of it. I think that's why I'm not in her little clique...I don't play by her rules and she doesn't like it!!!

But other than that little irritation it was a really good evening. Chris danced a lot with me...think I got a Waltz and a Foxtrot and a Cha Cha and a Mambo AND Hustle so that's more than than usual (he has to mingle, which I totally understand but sometime it's nice to be spoilt)....there weren't that many people there those that were there seemed mainly to talking....their loss! Did a great Waltz with Yelena....she always dances silver stuff with me so we whizzed round the floor about three times as much as everyone else...which always gets attention (I'm such a showoff LOL). Had a moment of panic when a balloon got in the way but managed to recover! And cutie danced a lot with me as a few other people.

At the end Sami...Canadian lady doctor who is one of the sweetest people there....went running round the room trying to jump on balloons...of course they all bounced out of her way....very funny to watch!!! Sat down to change my shoes and wished I hadn't.....muscles went "eeeeeeek". Who cares...I had fun....but need to get a job so I can dance more.....makes me soooo happy........Yelena told me I looked more perky than I had for a while...definitely!!!!!!

So that was Friday.....came back and chatted to someone online for a couple of hours.....and then couldn't sleep, too wired.

Went to the Movies in the Meadow last night. Can't believe how cold it got!!!!!! Probably only about 60...which isn't really cold but after the last couple of weeks I was totally frozen...and that was with socks and boots and trousers and two tops on!!!! Had to put the heating on in the car on the way home LOL. They played ET...which is such a STUPID movie.....but I like just laying out and watching the stars.....very cool :-) Quite funny how everytime I tell people they show free movies in the park they think I'm's like noone round here seems to know about them although they've been doing this for 3 years (first year I went to most of them, last year a few, this year not many cos it keeps raining on Saturdays!) So, this guy asked me what I was doing (yesterday morning) and I said I'm thinking about going to see the movie. After I'd been through the long explanation about it all he sort of asked if he could come. Not sure. Why? Well I just wanna go and watch and I really don't want a date or anything. Well we could just go as friends. Maybe, I'll think about it. Well let me know...I'll pick you up so you don't have to drive or anything. OK, I'll let you know. Going to see movies on my own really doesn't bother me...after all, I'm just gonna sit there in silence so why do I have to have someone else there (unless of course it's the drive-in when you have to have company cos you look silly making out on your own!!!!)

Came back from shopping (new wallet, my old one didn't have much money in it but what was there keeps falling out cos the lining's all ripped so finally gave it and bought a new one...Liz Claiborne, not as nice as my Fiorelli one but who cares) and sunning myself and got talking to someone else. He has his son this weekend so we were talking about what they were going to do and I said go see the movie...ET's good for kids...he got really excited about that idea (he's not been either). So we sort of arranged to meet...although I wasn't really gonna intrude on his "father" time....but said I'd keep an eye out for him. Anyway, as soon as we agreed to do that I remembered the other guy....and started panicing that he might show up there, which would sort of screw things up....or at least make things a little awkward! Whether he did or not, I don't know. Got there and they'd already started showing was totally dark so no chance of any one spotting me....heee heeeeee. Guess I'm probably in trouble now....oh well, that's the way it goes......


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