Wednesday, August 13, 2003


Perked up a bit.

Went to yoga last night....still not our usual instructor...she has a guest apparently. Well, thanks, neglecting us for that! Huh???? The guy that took it was OK. Actually much better than last week....when he made us all put our mats in a circle and then we had to stand for virtually the whole class. Usually I wouldn't mind the standing part but my back was killing's bad enough having to stand for the standing poses, but to stand in relaxation when I can feel the muscles crying.....not fair!!! So...anyway.....cute blond guy with the extra vertebra was there again. Funny, we've been in the same class two sessions in a row and it's really only this time that we've started to talk to each other...more than just "hi" anyway. Walked in together, asked about my back and how I was doing (nice) and then told me about his go-karting accident....which was why he wasn't there last week. He's taking the same class as me next time (wooohooo)...seemed pleased I was gonna to be there as well. Then he waited for me after class and we walked out together.....isn't that sweet? Feel about 10 but it was nice.

Had my first interview of the week this morning. He likes me...he likes me....LOL Was telling me about his time in England....he spent a while up in Yorkshire. Sounds like a good job....told him I was excited about it (which I was and which is more than I can say for some of the others I've been too!!!) Gave me some ideas of stuff to focus on for the second interview (which he's pretty much promised but we shall wait and see if he lives up to that...although he did introduce me to the President so that's gotta be a good sign). Mmmmmmmmmmmmm :-) Fingers crossed!!!!!! Better go write some nice "thank you" notes and then off to the chiropractor in a while......


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