Monday, November 03, 2003

All Pumpkined Out!!!!

Thursday went to carve pumpkins at the annual Greybird carving event. It was interesting.....for the first half hour or so I was wondering if I was in some sort of surreal dream...and was hoping I would soon wake from it! Within 5 minutes of being there some woman, who'd I'd never seen before, announced she'd just had a I'm interested? And then there was some discussion about menstrual cramps and the like. Firstly, I am pleased to say, I never get cramps...wooohoooo!!! Secondly, if we're talking about screwed up periods, I can probably beat most people for stories....from missing them for months on end (due to no apparent reason sometimes and other times purely cos of stress) to having been admitted to hospital on more than one occassion so I could be refilled with blood and have tubes shoved down my throat (weird story that....was out cold and they decided to take advantage of the fact and have a little look inside) cos I'd lost so much.....none of which I chose to share. Anyway, couple of whiskeys and some food later (good food BTW) and "normality" seemed to return...if you can call normal sitting on the floor sticking a knife in a round orange thing.......

Friday...short red dress, fishnets, horns, tails, pitchfork! Cute....good party. Chris had an inflatable Elvis costume....interesting dancing with him, couldn't work out what was him/what was costume! Yelena was a dog fairy....errrr.....ok.....think she'd had too much caffeine! Some great costumes. Lotsa dancing. Not too much candy. And I got a photo of the cute one....heeee heeeee!


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