Thursday, November 27, 2003


Insurance company phoned me yesterday to ask how I was doing. Not because they were particuarly interested in my health but because they've noticed that my symptoms don't seem to be getting better! Now they want me to go and see a chiropractor of their choosing. Guess a third opinion doesn't really hurt but hope they send me to someone that agrees with my current chiropractor......told me they'll send my case to their "vendor" who will contact me with the details of the chosen doc and appointment time. Hmmm....their use of the word vendor was "interesting"!!!!! Called my chiro and he told me to let him know when I know who I have to go and see...if it's someone he doesn't get on with, we'll ask for someone else....yayyyy. :-)

And I probably shouldn't have done this today but I looked up EMG online. Found this: Went to the FAQs page and now wish I hadn't! Reading other people's opinions about the painfulness of the exam has totally made my stomach churn. Think I'm gonna call the neurosurgeon next week and see if I really have to go....maybe he can tell enough from the MRI? I am not good with needles (the result of having drips shoved into my arms many years ago....I still have scars (mental and physical) from the experience) and the thought of having lots of needles in me is more than I can cope with. :-(


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