Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Damn Banks!!!

Well, one in particular. Had an interview this morning with the Bank that messed me around nearly two years ago...offered me the job (twice) and then HR kicked in, telling me I was illegal and they wouldn't touch me (excuse number one), they'd found someone internally (excuse number two) and that they weren't recruiting anyone externally (excuse number three)....all of which were total lies. Anyway, here we are again....not sure when he'll be able to hire people cos of the merger with Household Bank (layoffs) but he hoped to be able to call me back in a couple of weeks with some good news. Yeah, right...been there, done that. It would be nice...if only cos the guy was cute (mmmmm)....but married (booooo). So....just gotta wait, I guess. Seemed to go OK though...apparently this guy is prone to kicking people out after about 10 minutes if he doesn't like them...I was in there for over an hour so that's probably a good sign......

Anyway, Happy to make banana cake or something with my left over mushy bananas..... :-)


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