Friday, November 21, 2003

A funny thing happened on the way to yoga....

...well, not so funny...more weird really.

First, I managed to get my shoelace so knotted up that I couldn't get my shoe off :-( So I had to get out my trusted penknife and slash the lace in half.

Then, we were doing our little rota of wait at the door til the next person comes. Except some woman decided that was too complicated for her and didn't bother to wait. So about 7.10 we realised that Tony, the instructor, wasn't there. Wandered back to the Institute to find that he had turned up, couldn't get in, so had moved the class back over there. So traipsed back to the Temple (where the class normally lives) packed up our stuff and wandered back again. Missed half an hour of the class and ended up squashed in a little room. Then I got "attacked" by a ladybird which decided to fall from the ceiling onto me as we were lying on our backs twisting from side to side. Wot an evening!!!!!!

Plus went to the neurosurgeon yesterday. Was there for hours while he poked my arms and legs with sharp implements.....making my hands tingly. Turns out my reflexes on my left leg are not what they should be....and there are some issues with the nerves from my neck. So I have to go for TWO (yes TWO) MRI scans....YUKKKKKKKKKKKK...and an ENG...where they stick needles in my arms and neck and monitor the nerves pulses. Accordingly to him "it's not fun but you'll survive". GREAT. Just hope the insurance will pay for all this cos each one costs about $1000. Anyway, off to see a lawyer on Monday in the hope that we can stop the insurance company from closing the, fun, fun... not :-(


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