Sunday, November 16, 2003

Laundry Witch Strikes Again

Come on, this is ridiculous. I washed my stuff and then went to put it in the dryer...only to find....someone else's DAMP laundry sitting there. Took it out and left it on top of the machine. This is so damn selfish and I am sick of it. This washing must have been sitting there since yesterday cos I didn't hear or see anyone going down there this morning. Well, if you want your clothes to rot, fine. Ssssssssss......

Anyway, went to see the Matrix yesterday. Hmmmm. Not good. Loved the first one, can probably repeat most of it I've seen it SO many times. Matrix 2 - very good.....need to see it a few more times to get myself up to speed on all the dialogue but still fabulous. Matrix 3....disappointing. I don't need to see Keanu snogging Trinity quite that many times. And there was no deep meaningful stuff...other than repeating a few times "everything with a beginning has an end". Effects were cool. Not enough Morpheus (wot a gorgeous voice he has). Too much of an action movie with special that commercialism or did the Brothers just run out of cool material? Oh well....just gotta wait now for LOTR to come out.... :-)


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