Saturday, November 08, 2003

Neglected :-(

Spent the week thinking I should write something but just couldn't get motivated. Nothing exciting at all has happened. Had a call from a former co-worker telling me one of the major banks (where he currently works) is looking to recruit external marketing people for a new division. Sent my resume and...not even a day later...he emails me to say they're only recruiting internally. Now, this is the same bank that totally screwed with my little mind about 2 years ago so...surprised? Not at all. How they survive is beyond me. Oh well, work out what you're doing and let me know cos there's no way I'm gonna through that crap again.

And....hmmm...thinking of stuff....well GG and I are still working on our little web-site venture. Not sure it'll rock the world but, with some changes from the original idea, there could be some interest. Been keeping my brain occupied anyway. So guess that's a good thing.....I can be very dangerous if my brain has nothing to do.....gets me into trouble!

Been doing my "chiropractor" exercises but not sure it's working. Woke up Tuesday with the most amazing sciatica in my ankle. Tried to curl and stuff but the pain was so much there were tears...and the chiro's name was less than mud...which I told him nicely yesterday. :-) Still thinking he wants to send me for a scan but he admitted there's no point at the moment...either I have a herniated disc or an inflammation and, either way, the treatment's the same. It's only irritating the time I'm up and dressed the pain has gone, just gotta live with waking up and screaming a bit....and as I sit here and write this, I can feel my foot twinging.....guess that's probably a revenge thing or something???

Got asked to change yoga classes...from Tues to Weds....which wasn't really a big deal but it's with Tony, who I've had a couple of classes with before and didn't really like. So went off there on Weds and remembered why. Spent virtually the whole class bending forward so we could do three...yes ONLY three...sun salutations. Janice had us doing 10 to 12 every week so what's his problem? Hmmmm....

Ok.....gotta go...dinner's cooked and I'm starving. Check out the lunar eclipse later..... :-)


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