Saturday, November 22, 2003


Oh, I forgot to mention, one good thing I did find out from the neurosurgeon was that my blood pressure is perfect. Yayyyyyyy :-)

So...last night...Harvest Dance...bring a dish and get free entry (the edible type of, not going there). An "interesting" evening. Kim and Eva turned up....guess he's running out of dance studios in the area! Know him from AM...which he left a while before me. Then he wandered over to another dance studio cos he was going out with the owner. He two-timed her and she told him to take a hike. Not seen him for a while but there he was. Should tell Robin (who used to go out with him before he two-timed her...get the idea here???)....but, if I do, she'll probably never go back there again.

Also seems apparent that Ron is no longer with his dance partner.....can't say I have any great feelings one way or the other...although it did mean he asked me to dance...twice!!! They would never dance with other people so maybe there is some benefit from this? He's weird though...always looks so grubby, bit like something out of the 70's....Sherri had some stories about him in his teaching days (yet another studio)...something about hitting someone.....who knows is there's any truth in it?

Found out Yelena likes samosas.....just thought I'd throw that one in.

Nearly yelled at Chris about something as I was leaving but decided I just couldn't be bothered. Probably went straight over his head anyway. And the cute one was very cute and adorable...mmmmmmm :-) Was sitting on the floor changing my shoes and stuff at the end and he comes over, sits down next to me, puts his arms round me and tells me how I'm his favourite dance partner. Of course he was all sweaty and not so desirable at the time but then I probably was a little overheated. Wanted to snog him right there and then but Yelena appeared and starts talking about something...totally ruined the moment...damn her!!!! :-( I'm trying to be patient but this (him, I mean) is taking far too day I'm just gonna have to do something...and probably totally humiliate myself.....

Other than that....hmmm...lemme think....oh yeah, Pat stood on my foot. OUCH. And the people that went to last competition put on a little showcase. Sometimes I wonder why some of them bother...I danced with one of them and he was so awful it was painful....yet they go off and win things....very peculiar!

Those were probably the highlights of the evening. Too much food...most of which was full of sugar so didn't appeal to me. Holiday party in a couple of weeks....haven't decided if I'm going yet or not, although I usually do so I probably will.....


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