Tuesday, November 18, 2003

What's More Exciting....?

The fact that I've just got my hair cut and it's all bouncy and lovely or the fact that I'm apparently a high-suicide risk?

We'll start with the hair cos that's more cheery....took nearly 2 hours...do I really have that much hair? Guess so! Can't actually remember last time it was cut cos last time I was trying to get it cut I ended up in a car accident...so we're talking a long long time ago! Anyway, all those nasty bleached ends (from the sun) are now removed and it looks even bouncier than usual. poor woman was going mad drying it (it tends to retain water cos it's healthy...which is good but irritating to other people!). According to her I am now a really pretty mahogany color (all natural) with tinges of red and other stuff. Whatever....it looks lovely and that's all that matters.

As for suicide....well I suspected that (long story, not for now)....but now it's sort of official. Studies indicate that those people that are predominant left-nostril breathers (me, me) are more likely to kill themselves. That cheery subject came up in yoga last night as we were doing our alternate nostril breathing. I've never been able to breath properly through the right nostril (with the other one closed) and assumed it was cos I was just bunged up or cos it was evening (nostril dominance changes throughout the day....actually it's quite fascinating when you get into it)...but I've tried at other times and always have the same problem. Has implications throughout the body.....including the brain with presumably the aforementioned mental repercussions. Sort of ties in with the theory about me being a manic depressive...damn, hate it when Rob's right about stuff!!!! So there you have it....if I go silent on here for a long time, better come round and see if you can find the body....at least the hair will be looking good!


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