Friday, December 05, 2003


Woke up in the night with the most appalling leg cramps...all down my left leg. Combination of sciatica and cramp to be precise. Plus a very strong desire for a glass of water. Not sure whether it was from the spinach and artichoke dip I had last night, which was too salty for me (and would explain the need for liquid) or the after-effects of standing up for about 4 hours, which upset my back. Either hurt like hell!!!!!!! :-(

Got my last trip to ECC today (the "brush your teeth" study). Will be sad not going there again but nice to that I get paid....wooooohoooo :-)

Two interviews next with a Bank (different from the last one) for a job that I replied to ages long ago, I can't even remember what the job is! The other is with a marketing agency. Exciting, huh?


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