Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Wot a Day

Alarm goes off at 6.30am....I hit snooze and sleep for another 2 which point I realise I have 30 minutes to get to the chiropractor who is 20 minutes away. Cleaned teeth, flung on some clothes and get there exactly on time.

He applies heat and then stretches out my back on to make me notice that my right side is in total agony. Have you fallen over again? No!!! Seems like you've bruised a rib or something. How the hell did I do that? Stand up and it really hurts when I lean to the side (don't lean, he says) he sits me in a chair reapplies the heat and stim pads....feels much better.

Go to the Post Office. Totally forget that I bought something the other day so I have no funds in the account I try to pay with. Ooops. Try another card...that works. Phew!!!

Get home. It's now past 10am and I'm still not bathed. So showered, washed my hair, ate breakfast and then had an urge to paint my nails...of course one of them screws up. Damn. Redo that one, make a couple of calls. Now about noon and I'm ready for the day. Check email, do some stuff, have to go out. Call someone to see if she'll be around about 2.30 cos I need to drop something in. No answer....ah, maybe she's at work. Didn't think of that!

Go out, traffic on Transit totally screwed. Long line in the Bank. Try to put gas in the car, pump is playing up giving me all sorts of silly messages. So go inside to see if they've charged me or not...and the checkout's messing around as well....but, yes, they did charge least something worked.

Got home to find a message from the person I wanted to see at 2.30. Damn, damn, damn. Well it's 3.30 and I gotta eat lunch. As I do, she calls again to tell me she's gotta go out and won't be back til 4.30...I'm thinking maybe we could try again tomorrow cos my energy level is too low to deal with this now.

At least I did finally manage to remember to fill up the windscreen fluid in the car, although I think I need to treat it to new blades as well....and I did put more memory in my PC, which worked without any explosions or other silly things that I thought would happen given the rest of the day....although I did have to redo another nail after prising the cover off the machine.

It's now 4.30 and I am exhausted and ready for bed!!!!!!


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