Friday, January 09, 2004

I have the worst luck

Why can't things just go along being nice and boring...I don't need drama. Today's saga: car battery dead. Got up this morning, washed my hair, had breakfast....all ready to go downtown for 10am. Went out to clear the snow off the car. Put the key in the ignition. Nothing. Hmmm. That's strange. Usually the car starts first time. Tried again....chugging noise but nothing. Tried a few more times. Checked the manual to see if there was anything I needed to do differently to deal with such cold temps. Nope. Damn damn damn.

Called Subaru Roadside Assistance. Told me someone would be along to jumpstart it in about an hour. 20 minutes later a tow truck appears (already with another car loaded...aparently some guy in Depew bought this car yesterday and it was being towed back today cos it didn't work!!!). Tries jumpstarting....not a thing...other than the alarm going mad (my neighbours love me!). Totally dead, have to tow it....but gotta get rid of this car first cos there's not room for two on the truck!

So off he goes with the other car and I phone up the Service Department to tell them my little baby's coming back to see them. Turns out they've already had 5 cars towed in this morning. Wow, it's cold out there. Tow truck came back about an hour later, hooked up the car...after a little panic when his tow rope stopped moving.....and I had visions of them having to send out another truck. And off it's gone.....and now I'm thawing out again. Only been out there for 15 minutes and my face is bright pink from the wind....brrrrrr.....


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