Sunday, January 25, 2004


Actually managed to get out for a walk today. It's the first day in ages that the wind hasn't blasted me as soon as I opened the door. Still a tad cold, as evidenced by my pink cheeks but felt good to get out there and let the fresh air clear away the cobwebs. Managed about 40 minutes - twice round the outside of the apartment complex and then looping in and out cos I wasn't quite cold enough! Wasn't exactly rushing but stomping along in the snow was enough to get the heart pumping (nicely) and my back survived...didn't want to overdo things but it stood up well to the challenge! Neighbours probably thought I was mad...certainly if anyone had been watching me they must have wondered about the mad Englishwoman walking round and round but who cares. I am so sick of being stuck indoors or running from heating building to car to next heated building. Definitely needed this...and wanted to make the most of it while there was no snow falling or ridiculous windchill!!!!! Mmmmmmmm :-)

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