Saturday, January 17, 2004


It's been a very peculiar day involving lots of sleeping. Slept in this morning...til 8am when I did the usual routine of remembering I was meant to be at the chiro at 9am. Got there and fell asleep on the table. When he'd finished I felt totally exhausted but did my other errands.

Then the mailman turns up with...the mail! LOL He's been really weird this week. Couple of days he's mixed up the mail...I've got the snotty neighbour's mail and she's got mine...wouldn't have been a big deal apart from the fact that she's been away this week so I couldn't get at it. Instead I got a neat little pile of stuff waiting for me this morning when I went down. Today he does something really silly...but first...a description of the mail system here. We had a big metal thing, with 4 compartments (one for each apartment), each of which has a locking door. The whole front pulls away so the postie can place envelopes in each compartment and then swing it closed so only the right person can get at their mail. Gottit? i have a big envelope waiting...which was in the right place...apart from the top half of the envelope is folded over and stuck between my compartment and the next one...with the front door there's no amount of pulling that can rescue it! I left my little door open and just been down to see that snotty neighbour did the same....pulled and pulled and...finally gave up...looks like junk mail anyway.....

THEN.....I fell asleep for two hours (told u I was tired)....and had a very silly dream. It was about my bedroom...which in the dream is not the same as my bedroom in real life.....there was a corridor in front of the bedroom where a vacuum cleaner was standing. The bed was a mess with blankets and sheets everywhere. I started the vacuum and was using it to hoover the sheets while they were still on the bed (believe me, I don't do this in real life.....I wash them!!!!). The power went out...and then came back I went over to the clock (on a nightstand to the left of the "real life" one is to the right) to change the time....not sure if it's relevant but it was either 4:34 or 4:48. Sat on the edge of the bed and saw a bookcase....2 shelves, 2 columns. In it was a glass vase and two painted vases (white with purple flowers...which looked like vases I used to have...but can't remember what happened to them)...they were lying on the shelves and had kitchen utensils poking from the tops.....and then I woke up.....

Now I'm discussing my plans for the evening with a guy who clearly wants an invite over but probably isn't getting one....even if the sex fairy indicated to the contrary.


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