Saturday, January 24, 2004


The Fred's party this month broke from tradition and became, intentionally, an evening of tackiness! Luckily after the first few tacky dance songs, normality was quickly restored. Unfortunately, being of small brain, I didn't eat before I went and only tacky food (read chips, twinkies and other junk) was provided....if I'd thought about it, I would have realised and fed myself. So I'm still hungry!!!!

We were asked to bring an "old, useless or worthless" wrapped gift to exchange. Michael sat on my lap and said he would be my present....and then got miffed when I commented on what more useless gift could I get. Note...he's the cute guy that I would certainly be happy to put in my bag and bring home!!!! Then I suggested that, if he were indeed my gift, I should be allowed to unwrap which point he ran off. That's the trouble with younger guys...they scare easily.

I did manage to partially strip him at the end of the the amusement of some of the was just the tie, shirt and shorts...which sounds quite a lot until I tell you that he had a sweater on under the shirt and pants on under the shorts. :-( I did try for the sweater as well but was only allowed an inch or two of flesh....very nice flesh as it happens. And the pants wouldn't come off....OK, so I was sitting on the floor at the time and tugging them probably wasn't the most effective way of stripping him!! So, that and a hug and quite a few dances (which he messed up...I think he'd overheated with all those clothes on) were about it for the evening. I am so, make that disappointed! Somehow I don't think anything's gonna happen but it always seems like it the getting really close to snogging last time....I mean, he didn't have to come and sit on my lap and offer himself to me, now did he???? I really, really tried to bring him home....Chris said they didn't have any bags big enough so I put my arm in his and headed for the door......nearly made it all the way out but Chris just wouldn't disappear and I sort of felt compelled to let go. Damn, damn, damn!!!!! Maybe I'll have to start stalking him....just appear at the studio as he's finishing up, stop, bad thoughts.....

Ron was there as well....grubby looking and insisted on showing a picture of him from 12 years ago when he had long permed hair (ha ha ha)....but now he's single again he dances with me. Woooohoooooo! Told me he used to get an earful if he tried to dance with anyone else and he's much happier now. That's nice. Didn't have to keep staring at my boobs though did u? Sure he did that move (twice) just so he could get a better look! Insisted on hanging my jacket up for me and then getting it for me when I was leaving....and trying to get rid of him so I could jump (!) M. He's strange. Not quite worked out what he's all about...although he dances nicely so who cares?

Pat was trying to be nice to me...cos her fellow conspirator wasn't there. At least she didn't ask me about Sharon...guess she's learned not to. She just annoys me now.

Nothing else exciting happened. Danced a lot considering I was planning on just going and lounging around. Should put some heat on my back now before I fall asleep.....night, night....guess I'll dream about my unwrapped present later....mmmmm... ;-) I'll leave you with this thought:

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