Thursday, January 15, 2004

Tis Cold Out!

Ran out this morning cos apparently it's gonna get really cold later...was listening to the school closings this morning and, for some perverse reason, decided to count them as they read them out (I was in bed, half asleep...blaming it on that) to 100 and then lost count and interest! Done the post office, supermarket and pharmacy so think that's probably me sorted for the next few days.... :-) now I can hibernate again!

My paperwork should be at Immigration today....just waiting now to see what they say. And checked out flights, in case I gotta go to London. I thought January was meant to be cheap???? Best deal I could find was about $300...which I suppose isn't that bad really. Still looking though. And I gotta find out if the US Embassy in London does expedited processing...they used to but they've changed their web site and it's particularly unhelpful now....maybe I should call?

Back's feeling a bit weird. Better sitting than I have been but have this sort of burning sensation in the top of my left thigh. Not sure if that's from the injection or nerve pain....very irritating. Particularly bad when I lie on my right side (the side I sleep on).....still feeling woozy a little....can't believe this is still from Tuesday, but maybe it is? Right now just want to go back to bed that pathetic or wot???????


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