Tuesday, January 13, 2004


Neurosurgeon gave me a shot of depo-medrol earlier. It's a steroid, meant to help reduce the inflammation and help sort out my sciatic nerve. He showed me the herniated disk on the MRI film...there's also some white on the surrounding vertebrae, damage from the last accident. But he thinks there's no problem proving the disk issue is a result of the car accident...even said he could testify to that in court....so now I have to work out if I want to sue...????

I wasn't expecting needles today but I turned up and the receptionist said "take a seat in there and he'll move you into the other room when he's ready to give you the injection"...which was a bit of a warning sign!!! Not good with needles...the thought of them makes me sweat and today was no exception. You'd better lie down as I don't have any lollipops to give you! LOL As always, it wasn't that bad but that didnt help. Told me to come home and lie on my side for a few hours to help the stuff settle. So there I've been all day. Feel very woozy...think I'm going back to the floor to sleep....no yoga for me tonight!


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