Sunday, July 04, 2004

4th of July Again

It's a year since the last one! No surprises there. And the weather is the same as it was last year, i.e., too hot and humid for me...although I seem to be the only that thinks like this judging by the hoards of people outside. A little cooler please. TG I have my A/C unit's on full blast. Decided there's no real good reason to go out: I have the four basic food groups (steak, chocolate, alcohol and nicotine), plenty of movies on TV and not a child in sight. Mmmmmmmmm

But, I did get to see Fahrenheit 9/11 - went after my Spanish class yesterday so that I could actually manage to get a seat. Funny. Or at least it would be if it wasn't so true. Interesting to see people's reaction...."really, I never knew that".....hmmmmm...maybe it's because I watch a lot of overseas news coverage (mainly the BBC) but there wasn't that much in there that was new...but it was interesting to see how, when you put it all together, you can make 1+1=3. Was talking to Rob about it last night - actually I mentioned it, put him on speaker-phone and then wandered off - he is such a fan of Bush, refuses to hear against him. When the war started we were constantly arguing about it's validity.

On a different note, cos I lost my train of thought...I need to book a flight to Mexico. I have to do something exciting while I still have an invite from my "tour guide", who is very happy as he got two more staff. He sat in on a call with "the rest of the world", including me, the other day. I managed to stagger to work for the 8am start...he stayed in bed and took it from there...damn those Mexicans! LOL

Apparently it's raining in London. Probably would have known that if I'd watched Wimbledon...I forgot. Oh well. Parents are back from Prague. Had an amazing time. First time in four years they've actually been away. That's a long time. Couldn't cope with that. Of course, it's just rekindled the travel bug in me. Think it's getting close to moving time again...


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