Tuesday, July 20, 2004

It's Definitely in the Stars

Really didn't fancy hauling myself to work...especially cos my horoscope said this was a day to stay in bed....and then it added a comment about playing hookie with a sweetie.  Errr...mmmmm....that would be nice.  Ignored it and went it.  Wish I hadn't.  Got landed with organising a research session for six (or more) customers in Manhattan next week with no notice, nowhere to hold it and little in the way of useful help.  Fantastic.  By the time I left, I had at least found somewhere, found a guy to film the whole thing for us and gathered a prospect list.  All that remains is to get someone (me, no way) to call all these people, find some who will participate and then book them in.  Oh, and book a flight and hotel and get Rob to come and play with me while I'm down there (hey, gotta get some perks out of this!!!!!). 

And to add to the joy, the woman who's about to go on maternity leave and is the reason I've "lost" one of my people isn't coming back til December, having sworn it would be October.  So, add in the holidays and you might as well make that next year.  And, of course, by then we'll be split up and back in the business (strong likelihood) so that person might never return to me.....but, of course, noone has the decency to actually admit that......

Rushed home hot and irritated to change for a lesson with Armando (Fred's franchisee for part of the Eastern Region ....not sure which part but he's from Florida).  I remember you.  Yeah, course you do. Last time we met you stared at my boobs (blatantly enough that Yelena noticed your "interest").  Did make up for it by telling me how talented I am....mmmm   :-)  But then spoiled it by making comments about how I must like aggresive men.  Errrr......move along now please, you've seen enough.  Then made up for THAT by telling me I looked fabulous.  You may dance nicely but you're too short and, if memory serves correct, MARRIED.  Get a grip!!!!


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