Sunday, July 25, 2004


I found me a cute Chilean (Cuban leaving so gotta replace him with some other Latino!!!).    I should add that this Latino fascination is very recent and it's purely for language practice you have to understand  ;-)

Anyway, he turned up at the fiesta yesterday.  Karen, also in my class, thinks he's totally hot (as she told me as soon as he walked in).  I wasn't THAT impressed but he does have the cutest puppy dog eyes and gorgeously soft skin.  Plus he does have that incredibly firm body of youth (sigh, he's bound to be far too young....I didn't have the courage to ask!).  Anyway, I was telling her to make a move on him but she gave me the "I'm married, how can I?" response and just kept looking lustfully at him.  So....after she left....I did!  LOL   Actually, it wasn't that hard, I wandered out into the sunshine and he came after me......and then it gets naughty so we'll stop here.......

There are some photos (although not digital so I've yet to see them and probably won't for a while)...might post one if I ever get hold of gotta see his butt....mmmmmmmm....




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