Friday, July 16, 2004

My Cards
I'm not telling you what the question was/is but this is the answer.....

(1)Self: King of Cups
The King brings order to the relationship realm. Others feel safe and calm in his presence.The Self card is all about you -- your needs, feelings and motivations -- as you approach a new relationship. The King of Cups symbolizes the bestowing of blessings that serve like a refuge for your heart -- a lap of stability and support. A powerful, quiet presence brings a reassuring sense of order and peace to a coming relationship. The King energy makes it easier to feel optimistic, to have faith in reliable support, and to express your feelings with confidence to your future partner. The King of Cups is the archetype of the strong, kind, and loving father figure. This is a powerful energy that you can call up from within yourself and depend on when the need arises.
(2)The Loved One: Seven of Cups
Try to keep your idealization of a loved one in proportion to who that person really is.The card in the Loved One position refers specifically to the next person you are going to be intimately involved with -- or it is pointing to the power of some archetypal energy you need to relate to within yourself in order to find love. With the Seven of Cups in this position, you need to be careful not to burden a forthcoming relationship with too much projection, as if absolutely everything would become newly possible with this person by your side. Many people believe that meeting that right person means that all their needs will be met, almost magically. And, so they wait and wait for the 'right' person -- in a stupor of perfectionism. If you can find a warm and understanding fit in a few good ways, that may be a better basis for relationship in the long run. Dream of being together in such a way that you support each other's best selves. Why distract the focus of the union with a preconceived set of ideas you thought up long before this promising person crossed your path? Discover the other in his or her reality. Then spin your dreams for the relationship together -- in the present moment -- and they will have more of a chance of coming true in the future.

(3)Situation: Death
Let go and make the adjustments required for dealing with a new set of circumstances. This moment will reveal what is essential to you and the partner you desire so you can let go of the rest.The Situation position reflects current circumstances and the social setting. The Death card in this position implies that a force of nature or a change in authority may be cutting off access to the old order and the established way of doing things. Both you and your potential romantic partner might be wise to respond to this definitive change. Try adapting your lifestyle to fit in with the turnabout. While neither of you may be in control of the outer flow of events, you can both develop a way of gracefully responding to them. It is time to make room for a future you might not have consciously chosen. As with the changing seasons, the transition is no one's fault. Yet it still needs to be faced with a courageous willingness to let go. Look forward with optimism because you will be on totally fresh ground once this period of adjustment is complete

(4)Advice: The Lovers
Creative compromise helps you accept your relationship commitments fully.The card in the Advice position offers guidance regarding the way you relate. The Lovers card in this position advises that you study your options and make the wiser choice. Carefully consider your best long-term interests. If you are self-aware and willing to be reciprocal, you will likely be able to arrive at a relationship that supports your intimacy needs while still leaving room for your autonomy. You must be honest with yourselves about these issues. Be willing to compromise with the one you want. When you reach the point where your head and your heart agree, you will be able to act with conviction and stick to the commitments you finally make.
(5)Potential: Queen of Cups
Caring for and developing your spiritual connection may yield long-term benefits in a forthcoming relationship.The card in the Potential position gives a a clue regarding a relationship's long-term possibilities. This is not cast in concrete. If indications are less than desirable, you can change directions by exercising skillful decision-making and good timing. The Queen of Cups in this position indicates that you may underestimate how gifted you are in the realms of intuition and empathy. You may have tremendous potential to serve in a relationship if you cultivate your talent and take it seriously.Perfect your skillful means of practicing communication, intuition and empathy with a possible romantic partner. Such cultivation requires considerable self-discipline, especially when undertaken creatively and artistically. Start now so your talent and skills will be well honed in a few years. Your long-term relationship goals may benefit as a result.


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