Saturday, August 14, 2004

Friday the 13th...

Not really superstitious but waking up two hours late for work seemed to be an indication that it wasn't gonna be a good day. So I worked at my PJs. Felt much safer....though I did venture out to Wegmans....only to find they were out of their nice Soy Chai that I've become addicted to :-(

Not sure what I else I did. Finished work about 7pm (so much for staying home and taking it easy). Didn't go to the Work Picnic for a number of reasons: (1) It was pissing down outside and getting soaked didn't appeal. (2) Why spend time with people I work with when I could spend the afternoon catching up on work (boo) or being with people I actually wanted to be with? (3) I forgot!

Did have a productive evening though. Two weeks worth of laundry....done. Cut fingernails....done. Paint this week...done. Chris wanted to know if I always paint them silly colours.....yeah, pretty much. Eat a decent dinner....sort of done....mac and cheese with veggies (not the best meal but needed comfort food...not sure why....)


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