Monday, August 02, 2004

Sick, Sweaty and Peeing Like Mad!

The peeing part is from the amount of fluid I've been drinking. Can't go more than about 5 minutes before my throat starts drying out so off I rush to the tap. And, of course, I made chicken soup.....mmmmmmm! Trouble is, I'm drinking so much that it starts coming out again. Is this more than you need to know? Maybe, but at least I refrained from any more stories about coughing up green stuff. YUK.

Anyway, I was watching GTV Dancesport Sunday morning and imagine my surprise to see Pierre Dulaine featured!!!!! Pierre ran the first dance studio I attended. He's a Frenchman living in NYC. Lovely person and was so sweet to me, an English girl new to the City. He teaches dance to young children at one of the schools in the Bronx (or was it Harlem) and they ran a little spot on him. That brought back some memories.......

I was cheered up last night by a call from Alejandro, the Chilean with the cute butt (see below...!). He's just had an article published in the Genetics journal. In English, which was very impressive. I did look it up and tried reading the transcript. It was one of those situations where most of the words made sense on their own but put them together and it all goes horribly wrong!!! LOL We're gonna get together this week so I can practice my Spanish..... :-)


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