Sunday, August 08, 2004

Who Stole My Weekend?

Where did it go? 50% over already and so much to do....but so much done as well. :-)

Dance lesson last night. Bolero with me coughing elegantly throughout. I'm not contagious...just damn noisy. Chris reckoned I sounded really sick and couldn't believe I was a week into this. Was trying to tell him I was much improved but I think my feet let me down a little. Even M gave me a hug cos I was looking so miserable....decided I needed one. Mmmmmmm...I wish you'd do that more often.....

They've got a party later this month where we have to take in photos from years ago so people can guess who the photos are of (sounds like fun...not). Anyway, I took in one of my with hair short...caused much interest. Let's see if anyone can guess me! Came home...slept lots....again!

Spanish day today. Lesson followed by Chilean. We were going to go out and eat but, somehow, got distracted so didn't quite make it past his front door. He cooked for me instead. Very impressed! Came very close to just staying there but my cough medicine's here and....that was a pretty pathetic excuse....face it, I just sleep better in my bed, although his is pretty comfortable.....! Learned lots of "useful" words as well....useful, that is, if I find myself alone with a cute Spanish-speaking guy in the dark...nothing I can really repeat in class...... ;-)

PS. C is jealous as hell that I "stole her boyfriend". Just to put the record straight...she's married and was lusting over him at the party....there was nothing more than that between them....not even sure she spoke to him!!!!! Her loss.....


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