Thursday, November 18, 2004

Another Two Bite the Dust

So...latest news on the Great Buffalo Exodus...another two have left for warmer(ish) climes.

Lola, from Spanish, has taken a job in NYC. Interesting story. At the tender age of 29 she became a burnt-out CA executive...not sure doing what. She returned to the arms of her family in Buffalo (when I met her) and then got offered a job in NYC. Now, I wouldn't have thought it would take a rocket scientist to realise that life in NYC is really not for the stressed but I guess some people just have to find things out for themselves (me included!). So...she's gone.

And then, tonight, I discover that "love of my life", M, from the studio is leaving as well. To Florida with his family. I missed a snog under the mistletoe with him last year cos he was off holidaying somewhere. Looks like this year I'm gonna miss out as well. Oh well.....

But on the positive side, mi cubano de Neuva York is meant to be returning this weekend to visit us all. Fiesta time!!!!! Wooooohoooooo. I'm making mushroom quesadillas as my contribution to the festivities.....

Work still sucks but my boss is in London so not everything's bad!


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