Sunday, December 12, 2004


3.5 hours.

Fabulous way to spend a Sunday morning!

And all cos I managed to smash my foot into the side of my chair (after effects of ONE, yes just one, beer). Stupid, huh? Done it before, several times in fact. Usually it aches for a while and then it's fine. This time the foot decided it didn't want to play nice. Toes all swollen and foot was black when I woke up. Wasn't going to bother but it hurts like hell when I stand on it so I thought maybe something serious had happened. Had trouble getting my socks on but that was nothing compared to the joy of shoes!

Turns out that it's just really badly knocked and bruised...bones are all intact....yayyyy! Took three x-rays to discover that during which they kept wanting to talk about my right was my left as I kept telling. Well, it says it's your right on the paper. So it's my fault, the nurse can't tell which direction is which? Take a look...this one is swollen, and this one isn't. 5 times a day, keep it raised when possible and take painkillers. Woooooohooooo. Think that means I can stay at home tomorrow....see somethings good things do happen to bad people!

Oh, I guess I should mention I screwed my back up Friday night as well...dancing. Couldn't move. Very miserable.

All in all, it's been a pretty crappy weekend and I've left out the really shitty stuff.....maybe to elevate my foot :-)


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