Friday, September 09, 2005


Treacle pudding!

Been on a bit of an English food fix recently. Introduced the office to Twiglets...they did not go down well! I think some people thought I was trying to poison them. So, to make amends, I tried Jaffa Cakes. They got a much better reception. And now....sticky steamed treacle pudding a la Delia Smith. Tastes pretty good. Was interesting shopping for the ingredients. Syrup, no problem. Self-raising flour...even managed to get some of that. Treacle.....ahhh. Hmmmm. Is molasses the same as treacle? It's close. I bought it and then looked it up...apparently they're close but actually different. Noone will know....except me!

Not sure what I'll test them on next.....spotted dick perhaps? Even I can't eat would be cruel.......but.... *evil cackling*


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