Monday, July 31, 2006

Been Busy

In no particular order.....

Freds Picnic in the rain in Como Lake Park. Lots of eggs.

Tango at Albright Knox. Lots of people. Lots of heat. Also caught some of the Gothic Bellydancing. That was "interesting"!

Yoga on Monday.

Tango classes on Tuesday.

Dance classes on Thursday, except when I've been to Thursday in the Square and got too drunk to dance (only happened three times so far.....oooops). I blame it on a tall, dark-haired gentleman and my total lack of self-restraint.

Work....when I have to.

Ill. Combination of humidity, alcohol, pills and general malaise (now there's a good work that one doesn't get to use every day!)

Buying new toys.


Getting miserable cos people keep leaving! It's like an exodus at work and it's always the people I like that leave :-(

Stressing cos a friend of mine is having marital troubles - her husband hit her and the lawyers say she has to stay with him til the divorce gets sorted. Sounds like crap to me.

Es todo!


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