Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Betta Home

Pun totally intended.

Spotted the aquarium I wanted online but thought I'd go and take a look in a couple of local stores. I'm planning on creating a nice peaceful aquarium unlike someone at work who is currently building a totally aggressive one! But today's mission was purely to check out the prices and nothing else...until I got to the store and saw loads of male bettas looking very sad in teeny weeny containers. I had to rescue one (only one per tank else they'll fight although I would have taken more.....being Siamese Fighting Fish...which is what I always used to know them as....but that's another story) I did. Beautiful blue with red streaks. Seems pretty chirpy and did even eat something earlier although it took him a little while to swim up there and start munching.

So, might have to put the bigger tank off for a little while so I can devote myself to Alpha (that's what I'm calling him cos (1) he's a Betta and (2) he's the first).


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