Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Did it!

Think I did all I set out to do:

Friday: flew, hired car, got to hotel. Went to see Esther's Follies, laughed myself silly (boy, did I need that!). Wandered round 6th Street, Congress and back to Hotel. Very pretty all lit up at night. Lots of bars, most of them not too busy.

Saturday: Down to San Antonio to see The Alamo. Then walked the Riverwalk where there was an arts/crafts fair. Then to Market Square/El Mercado for some hispanic shopping and music. Bought a couple of little ceramic things. Drove back via Lockhart and stopped off for fab BBQ. Got back to hotel exhausted but wandered down to the S Congress bridge for BatFest (live music, food, stalls).

Sunday: Brunch at Las Manitas where I lost an earring and some couple decided to tell me their life story. All the way up to the Capitol. Wandered round inside and then did the grounds. Stopped off for an iced tea. Wandered down to the Austin Museum of Art - which was decidedly small and not very impressive. Then went over to Zilker Park for a wander around there and a trip to the Umlauf Sculpture Park. Back to hotel for pedicure and massage cos my feet were pooped by then and my neck has been killing me.

Monday: BBQ at Rudys. Drove round the Hill Country and stopped off by the river for a bit of sunshine. Shopped on South Congress...bought some more little souvenirs. Went to Amy's for icecream.

Tuesday (today): Dropped the car off, hopped on a plane or two, came home and went to Wegmans.

My aim in life: work less, travel more. Had a fab few days but I know I'm already stressed by the thought of work in the morning. :-(


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