Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More medical stuff

Gosh this is turning into a week of doctors. I overslept this morning so I decided to work from home (luckily I have that option cos I didn't get up til 9am....I've gone from insomnia to sleeping sickness, blame the weather).

Back to the plot.

I have to go for a medical for my green card and I have absolutely no record of any vaccinations cos I had them nearly 40 years ago in a country far from here. I called up just to find out how much it would cost, etc., etc., and the receptionist said "oh you can come round now, it'll only take 20 minutes". Eeeeek. So I went. And now I have a prescription for more blood tests than I thought possible, a chest x-ray and a tetanus jab. YUK.

That'll teach me to wake up on time :-D


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