Monday, January 21, 2008

Revenge of the fish

I always forget this. I shouldn't eat fish for dinner. For some reason, every time I do this I end up having weird dreams. Last night I was no exception. Apparently I was shopping with Madonna for eye shadow.

The eye shadow part I can understand as I've been searching for a replacement "big crayon" ever since Avon stopped offering their pencils in my favourite lilac colour. I tried another colour from Avon (eggplant), which I knew would be a lot darker but it looked nearly black so I don't think I can wear that during daylight hours. Then I bought a replacement from Sephora but it was too glittery (not good for work)...although the colour was perfect. My latest attempt is a lilac pencil from Maybelline, which is probably as close to the original as I'll get. So clearly this has been on my mind, although dream worthiness....I'm not so sure about that.

The Madonna connection...I have no clue!

Friday, January 18, 2008


Absolutely nothing to report, which is probably a good thing!
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Monday, January 14, 2008

Pretending to work

Not in the mood today. Nearly time to leave :-). I've been in charge for the last few weeks and I am all charged out!
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Friday, January 11, 2008

No power

I had the great joy of being one of the 30k people who lost power in the storm the other night. I was woken by the wind at 4:32am and it sounded as I imagine a tornado might.

Then my phone and carbon monoxide alarm started beeping as power went off and on and off...and stayed off. Of course then I couldn't sleep because I was worried about oversleeping...and Wednesday was the one day I had lots of meetings and lunch with my favourite boy!!!

Anyway it was all back on when I got home and the fish seem to be ok. But have you noticed a theme with how my year is going? Ho hum...
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Monday, January 07, 2008


Something has to be up with me...yesterday I "threw" a cup of Tim H's across the kitchen. Today the tea goes across the desk...and down me. Clumsy!
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Sunday, January 06, 2008


Omega did something to his right fin. He's swimming with it curled up. I have no idea what he did or what to do about it. He seems pretty happy otherwise so I presume it can't be too serious?
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All the way from my right shoulder blade down. Gotta be careful how I sit ;-)

Bought myself some lucky bamboo today. Let's see if it works...
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Saturday, January 05, 2008

I should go back to bed

Today is not going well and I am aware it's still pre-breakfast so there's a lot of it left!

Firstly, it turns out that my mortgage payment was taken out of my bank account twice this month. I noticed it had gone out a day early and was a little annoyed so I sent an email to ask what was going on. I wasn't too bothered by this until the following day when I checked my balance again and was several hundred dollars under where I should have been. The reason...the exact same payment was debited again. Now I'm really annoyed: (1) I have no money now as I hadn't really planned to pay double mortgage this month. (2) I have to go through all the hassle of trying to get the transaction reversed. I don't need this right now.

To add insult to injury...or rather injury to insult...I managed to throw myself down stairs this morning. Luckily it was only the last three stairs and they are nicely carpeted but I still managed to give my back a good whack...right in the spot that is messed up already...some would say it's better to get hurt there than in a new place but I'm not that positive in my thinking. My wrist hit the wall, probably as I reached out to try and grab something, and is now throbbing. Lay on the floor and cried for a while.

Think it's time for a nice hot bubble bath...

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Ice Bowl

When tickets went on sale, four of us decided that we'd try and get some....but we failed. Then we decided that we'd get the tickets for the House Party at the Arena instead...and we did. Last week, I got an email asking if we should buy some tickets that were available on eBay for the actual game. I said I was ok with going to the Arena but, if she wanted to get the tickets, I'd take one. Didn't hear anythng else until this morning when I asked "Ok, what time are we going"? "Didn't you get my text message? I got given a ticket and I'm going to the game."

Errr....thanks for telling me. No, I didn't get your text message, which I don't believe you ever sent. And if I had, do you not think I might have replied with some what did you do with the Arena tickets then????

People suck.