Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Ice Bowl

When tickets went on sale, four of us decided that we'd try and get some....but we failed. Then we decided that we'd get the tickets for the House Party at the Arena instead...and we did. Last week, I got an email asking if we should buy some tickets that were available on eBay for the actual game. I said I was ok with going to the Arena but, if she wanted to get the tickets, I'd take one. Didn't hear anythng else until this morning when I asked "Ok, what time are we going"? "Didn't you get my text message? I got given a ticket and I'm going to the game."

Errr....thanks for telling me. No, I didn't get your text message, which I don't believe you ever sent. And if I had, do you not think I might have replied with some comment....like what did you do with the Arena tickets then????

People suck.


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