Friday, May 31, 2002

Boy am I hot. Just got back from the Friday night dance....they have A/C but it was so humid outside that it didn't really make much difference. It's not much fun when it's like that.....dancing with lots of sweaty least it wasn't too crowded. Sometimes it gets so you can't move in there without banging into another couple. Not like that tonight though...loads of space, which was nice. And it was a good crowd so quite happy!!!

Went to meet Julie so we could practise some stuff. Now that's nice...on her own time, with no payment, she OFFERS to come out so we can look good...there are some people that can learn a lot from that!!!! Bad news was that her neice has just been rushed into hospital with gall bladder pains. Thinks it's a stone but they're not sure. So she left early to rush up to see her. Actually, lots of people left early...Boys of Summer were playing their last Friday nighter down the road. No idea why people are so keen on's not that good and you can never dance there....

Tried to get Robin to come out but when I phoned she'd only just got out of was 6pm so I thought it might have been OK. Apparently not. We got through a load of wine and beer yesterday so she was suffering! TOW was there tonight....not seen her for ages and as I pulled up, there she was......damn damn damn damn damn! I really don't see what the fuss is about. She can't dance, she doesn't talk to people....I guess she looks seem to like that. Not getting that here!!! Bob was there as well...not seen him for ages. Says he's had enough lessons...brain can't cope anymore! I know how he feels.....every teacher tries to get you to dance with different technique. It makes my head hurt sometimes trying to remember who wants you to do what.

Today was the day. Went into the Fred Astaire studio that's just opened. 3 lessons for $15...can't argue with that really. Going for my first one Monday afternoon. Pat joined up a couple of weeks ago and says the classes are something like $84 each after the intro sessions...EEEEK! She's managed to get a load of other people to sign up for intros...for which she gets some free private classes so she's got the cost down to about $45 once you take those into account. I'll take the first 3 and then I'll think about what I want to do. Julie and Paul teach privately as away from the I was asking her about that tonight. It's a lot cheaper and I know the technique would be fantastic....the one problem is that she only teaches four dances, once of which I've never done.....but there again, it's not like the places I go to play that much else so it might be a good thing to do. Definitely need a change......

...and talking of which, I'm moving again. Was trying to work out how many times I'd moved....and I think in the last four years it's been about nine times!!! The only good thing is that the amount of stuff I have seems to get less each time cos I get sick of boxing it up. Started clearing out my papers today. Got a nice little pile left....not too daunting. Sometimes I think I should just throw everything out and then it would be me, a bag of clothes and a couple of essentials. After all, who needs posessions? They're only reminders of things that Dostoyevsky put it (at least I think it was him, I'll look it up when I have more energy)...Happy people have no history!

World Cup update.....England play Sweden on the 2nd.........Senegal just beat France in the World Cup.....RESULT!!!!!!!!!! I can go to bed happy......


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