Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Memorial Day yesterday....more sunshine and blue sky. I love this place!!!! Joe phoned about 1.30...wasn't expecting him to. He was restless. Wanted to do something. So we did:

First stop: Woodbury Winery . Not too impressed with their stuff though they did have a wonderful IceWine (from Canada though so why would I want to buy that here???).

Next: Merrit Estates Winery. Much nicer place....nothing to do with the fact their wines are so much better (or was it?). Personal recommendations....Baco Noir (dry red with amazing oaky flavor), Mereo (bought a bottle, have to warm this one up....full of spices, ready-made mulled wine really!), Sangria de Maguerrite (just as it says). Their best selling wine is a lambrusco style red which wasn't have bad....bit sweet but pleasant. Not really a wine expert...just know what I like...and I liked what they had!

Buzzing nicely by now. Wine in the afternoon doesn't usually sit too well with me...sends me to sleep....add to that the heat and...mmmmm.....very happy!!!!

Then, up to The Shores...waterfront bar/restaurant. Met Dave and Maria there. He's just left his wife after I don't know how many years of marriage. She's one of the best dancers around. We've been trying to work out if there's anything going on there. They dance together a lot so might not be anything more than that but, you know how it is, minds work overtime sometimes!!! Band (Joy Riders) was OK. She had a good voice but screwed up some really cool songs which distressed me...people that do that to Santana should be thrown in the river, not applauded. Had a few dances then Joe's son turned up with some mates...who insisted on buying us drinks (not a huge problem!) and then paid our bill for us (wow, very nice but would have had more if I'd known that was going to happen!!!!).

Got back and sat on the porch for a couple of hours drinking coffee, talking about life in general and watching the world go by. Suffering a bit this morning but guess it was all self-induced so can't really complain.

Back to reality now.....


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