Thursday, May 30, 2002

Robin tells me I should be more patient and I really am trying but it's tough. We're both Librans so we understand each other. If you're not "one of us" you need to know that we are ruled by Venus and our mission in life is to be in love! We're not good on our own...we need companionship. Actually I have another friend who reckons that I should only ever be on my own. Col tells me that I let relationships screw me up so I should find men for "no strings attached sex"...which I have but, you know, it's really not the nature I need men around me...preferably several at one time 'cos I have a VERY short attention span....but that's a story for another day......

So here I am, had the offer to go out for coffee with a group of people after tonight's dancing. Decided that it was too hot and I would rather sit on the porch and drink I mentioned it very casually in my usual charming manner and he decides that he would rather be with me than go out with the others so he comes over, we drink and talk and he says he's tired he should go home. And then he just slips in the suggestion that maybe I should let him stay. Fine by very happy with that suggestion. Of course he can stay....yes, there's a nice big bed which he can share (PLEASE!) or he can be a gentleman (BORING) and take the sofa bed or the futon (I didn't actually say any of that last bit). Maybe, he says. Cool, I think. Well, I should really go, he says, and...this is the completely unbelievable bit....he did, he went home...on his own...and left me here.....!

I mean, come on. What is going on here? Am I not an attractive, intelligent woman? Of course I am. According to the zodiac are we not destined to be the most compatible couple (yes, we are, I checked earlier!)? I just don't understand!!!!!!! What else do I need to do? Is it that he's got a better offer? I think not!!!!! So, be patient, huh? I'm not a patient person! I'm frustrated. This doesn't happen to me. I never have a problem getting "my man".

I'm very depressed and I have a feeling that Col is right....I'm getting obsessed over someone who probably isn't worth it. Is he playing hard to get on purpose? Is he too shy? Is he just not interested???? Am I just feeling needy 'cos of all the other crap in my life? Probably, I just don't know. But I do know patience won't hold out much longer......


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