Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Too hot to sleep. Shouldn't complain, better than the alternative. Have to rewrite my resume today. There's a job that I'm interested in, sort of. It's back in NYC and I'm not sure I really want to move back. Still, if they pay me huge amounts of money I might be persuaded. Anyway, I gather that there are three recruiting firms looking to fill this position so I'm probably not top of the list. Gives me something to do though!

Had my dance lesson last night. It was all wonderful. Wonder how long this will last. Had a lesson with Julie and Paul afterwards. So funny. He never says anything is good...just sort of shrugs his shoulders and goes "it's ok". Don't know how she puts up with him! Found out that he collects silver. I have a strange collection of coins and things that I might take in and he can have them (for cash, of course!!!!!). Don't know why I have them here. Tried to get rid of them a while back but they're all European and noone here wanted them....would only take the US stuff! Guess I should probably do a bit of research and find out what they're worth...hmmm, that's something else to do today......


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