Thursday, June 27, 2002

Tell me why, tell me why, tell me why..... it that when I don't enough sleep, snooze the alarm several times, I still manage to get to work earlier than I have done all week? Very strange. Came back from Jackie's "Customer Appreciation Party" full of energy and very restless...not a good thing at 11.30 on a school night. Started doing all sorts of fun looking for my tax return and writing to my collection of lawyers (all of whom are called Jack!). So of course I was in no mood to hear that BEEEEEEEP at 6.30am!!!! job, new people. Interesting. Nicely air conditioned....apart from the warehouse but I don't need to go in there much so that's not a biggy. Lots of men (mmmm)....few cute ones...Webmaster, Boss (ooops), Product Manager.....enough to keep me happy for a while. Job's OK as well. President knows nothing about marketing so seems pretty happy to leave me doing my own thing. Not that I get to laze around (unlike some I could mention). Got a nice target on my head but luckily that doesn't kick in for a couple of months. Stole Product Manager's parking spot. Not intentionally. Just happened to find a nice space and parked in it. He walks in and asks me if I drive a Subaru. I do indeed. That's nice. Two days later I find out why. Well it's not like the spaces are marked and there's a perfectly good spot next to the one I parked in. Not really a problem....I offered to move the car about 5.30 today so he could have the space back for a few hours. Well, I thought that was funny!!!

Larry called again today. Remember last time? Exactly the same thing. Wot u doing tonight? Going out....why? Cos I'm horny. Oh, well that's a shame cos I'm busy. Oh. If he asked a little earlier I probably would have gone round there but it was the last AM party of the month and I thought I'd go and see what's going on there. Not bad. Too hot though. Bill refused to turn the A/C below 70. Come on. We're dancing. But I got all three fave dances with Michal tonight....wooo hoooo!!! Little does he realise it might be the last time! He's got school on Thursdays from now on and I'm not going back for any more lessons with him. Wonder if he'll notice?

Oh yeah. Rob called. That was nice, wasn't it? Yeah, right. He got his date the other night. Like I really needed to know that. I didn't want to but she insisted. Of course, you're male. Did the sun rise this morning? Do you need a shag? Of course it did. Of course you do. Well, it wouldn't have polite to refuse. Don't annoy me...too hot and my stomach's still screwed up. Gonna spare you the graphic details but I thought I was OK yesterday....air conditioning seemed to be working its magic. Temperature returning to normal. More interested in eating.....well, until I decided to be sick yesterday lunchtime and nearly passed out mid-office. Had to go out for some air...not that there was any. Thunderstorm where the hell are they?????? Didn't eat last night. Today, same thing. Had some lunch. Seemed OK so I thought I'd try dinner...this would have been the first "real" meal since last Tuesday. Five minutes later...headed for the bathroom. I'm pretty sure it's the humidity doing this and it's good for the diet but I don't like it. What's really interesting is that I used to have to eat something every few hours else I got the most amazing headaches....low sugar and stuff. But since last week it's not been a problem at all. I have no idea what's going on inside me .......

Thought for the day:
"Life can never give security, it can only promise opportunity."


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