Tuesday, August 27, 2002


No wonder they're going bust!!

Today I received another bill for equipment that was collected, hmm, oh about 3 months ago!!! Last time I had a bill I called and they admitted that they did indeed have my cable box and they were very sorry for charging me....I should expect the next bill to show a zero balance. Of course I should. I do. So here am I, thinking that this would be a nice bill, but instead find myself looking at another piece of paper showing I owe them $400.

Well, I'm pretty annoyed now. So I call them...it's a 24 hour number. It's 6pm (or it was when this fiasco started).

A: We dont deal with billing issues, you need to call your local office.
Me: Well where the hell am I? I called a local number.
A: Oh, you've come through to PA.
Me: How come.
A: They don't work after 5.30.
Me: So why do they say it's 24 hour service.
A: Well, it is. We're here.
Me: But you're not helping me, are you? It might be 24-hour but I don't see much sign of the service.
A: Well I can try and put you through but you'd probably be better calling tomorrow.
Me: Put me through...if I wait until tomorrow I'll have calmed down and then I won't be able to have such a good argument!!!
A: Thank you for calling Adelphia, your call is important to us, all operators are currently busy, please continue to hold. Thank you for calling Adelphia, your call....

I've hung up. I'm annoyed. I'm going to write to them. And the NY State Public Service Commission.



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