Sunday, August 18, 2002

Important Dates in History!

Today is my two and a half year anniversary of being Stateside! I can't work out if it's gone quickly or slowly. Sometimes it feels like I've been here for ages. Sometimes, usually when I'm asked to translate what I've just said, I feel like I'm still a newbie. Used to work with an Australian who had been here for 10 years and still felt that it wasn't home to her. I know what she means.

Here's a little recap of the events that have happened to me since I've been here:

- The number of times I've been home
- The number of parking tickets I got (I didn't know parking on the wrong side of the street was illegal.)
- The number of times I've been in an ambulance

- The number of cities I've lived in, so far, and the number of times I've fallen down stairs....both in Buffalo. Once in the snow, sprained my ankle at 5am on the way to catch a plane to driver had to come and pick me up cos I couldn't move!!! Second time a couple of weeks ago....this time I had to have two people carry me!
- Number of times my sister's been over to visit me.
- Number of times Rob asked me to marry time he'll be stuck with me!!!! :-)

- Fell over in the middle of the road three times. I was having balance issues....managed it twice in Manhattan and once in Buffalo, right in front of the bar!!!!!
- It's also the number of time I've tried to visit San Francisco but failed. Next attempt is meant to be just after Labor Day....we shall see....fingers crossed.

- The number of addresses I've far.....

- The number of apartments I will have lived in, if I was doing this in about 10 days time!

- Can't think of anything for this other than the number of hours between drug doses??! Oh, here's one, the number of first places I got in NJ.

- Days of the working week at previous employer. CRAP!!!!
- Feet of snow that I shovelled last winter. Oh happy days.......
- The number of telephone numbers friends/family have had to learn if they wanted to find me.

- The men in my life....excluding the jerk that proposed to me in the middle of the bar, the one that came up to me in the street and handed me a flower (remember that Tiby??), the married one that I used to dance with who got a little tooooo friendly.....and several other encounters that are best forgotten!
- One Canadian - sent beautiful roses but turned out to be a total jerk; one Texan - cos supposedly they grow things bigger in that state; a realtor from Manhattan - irritating as hell; one New Jerseyite....still love him; several Buffalonians - one crap in bed, one caused amazing allergic reactions, another that I still see; an Englishman - actually met him in Tokyo so not sure if that counts?

- The number of months for which I was unemployed.

- The number of US states that I've visited for any significant period of time. Guess I got a few more to go!

Here's to the next two and half years....let's hope it's slightly less painful...running out of places on my legs for scars.....soooooooooo attractive.......


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