Friday, August 23, 2002

Interview Day!!!!

This time, I'm the one with the jobs available. How nice to be the other side of the table. Mmmmm mmm. Though having seen what's out there it's a wonder I have any hair left. Are people really that confident that they think they don't need to prepare before they go for an interview? Is it too much to expect that they actually THINK about the job they've applied for and perhaps PREPARE a few thoughts about what THEY could offer ME??? Clearly it is. I was told today that I'm unusual - this was by the recruiter who put the day together. I was told yesterday, by my other recruiter, that I am very unusual.........

Yesterday, I was talking to Recruiter A about some of the people I've seen and what I was finding. He asked me if the interviewee that I'd just finished with had appeared interested in the job. Interested, yes, but not overly enthusiastic, which surprised me cos she was pretty lively and I would have thought she might have said something to that effect. Well, not everyone does. I know, but I remember when I interviewed for this job I was so excited by it (and not just the fact that is was A job but that it was such a GOOD job) that when, President asked me if I had any questions, I asked him if I'd got the job. And he said yes, which was very positive. I didn't think I'd overstepped the mark. I was very polite about it....and smiled at the same time. He didn't think it was a problem. I always ask - if the atmosphere is right and it's something I really want, I let them know I want it! Now, I'm interviewing for sales people. One of the golden rules of sales is...close the sale. None of the sales people I've spoken with have attempted to close the sale with me. I find that VERY this indicative of their sales performance or do they just think it's not the "done thing" in an interview. Well, you're one of the, probably, half of a percent of people who would actually do that. Hmmm....if you don't ask, you don't get!!!! That was Incident Number 1.

Incident Number 2. It only happened about 3 hours ago and I'm having trouble remembering exactly what I said. I was either commenting on the fact that, if I was the one being interviewed, I would have come prepared to talk about what I would actually do if I got the job (like, doh, isn't that obvious) or maybe it was cos we were talking about someone from the telecom sector who would not stop talking ("he's overcompensating cos he's been laid off a few times in that sector") and I said that I didn't see it as an issue given all the stuff that's going on in that sector. It's just a part of everyday life with the economy the way it is. If someone gets laid off (as part of an overall lay-off and isn't using that term to disguise the fact that they've been fired for poor performance) it's not their fault. Yeah, I think that was when Recruiter B called me unusual....not everyone thinks like, they blame the individual for a company's mis-management even when he's not at a high enough level to have had any impact. Yes. Wow, tis indeed a strange world in which we live!

PS. Note to Greybird: check out my comments box, look wot I did...all on my own....not bad, eh?????


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