Sunday, August 25, 2002

Well I was going to start off with a long diatribe about moving and stuff like that but then this caught my attention:

Where's that F*cking Bear? How could I refuse - a fellow Brit in need!! Very sad story. Support the cause, that's all I'll say!!!!

Anyway, back to moving. There are two, possibly more, approaches to moving. I am participant and witness to both approaches at the moment. The "OK, it's gotta happen, let's just get on with it" approach (as demonstrated so beautifully by the Moving Queen (ME!!!! Up to 10 times in 4 years at the last count)). Then there's the "help me, I don't know what to do first, oh yes I do, I'll go away and hope it sorts itself out" demonstrated by the current house companion/landlord.

The way I see it, the move's gonna happen. A date has been set, removal men have been ordered, a place to go has been found. So, what else is there to do but get a load of boxes, place possessions in the boxes and shut the boxes. Perhaps having a little sort out of stuff as it moves into the boxes is in order....after all, why the hell am I still carrying around with me a menu from a very nice Indian London? I am not a pack rat but this seems to have snuck it's way into the midst of my papers and refuses to leave me. I got so excited when I found it....really fancied a decent curry. And they deliver....this was when I couldn't move! Oooh, I should call them...what's the number....oh sh*t....I don't think they're gonna deliver. Booo hooo. So a ceremonious ripping of the menu occured and it was sent on it's way to the great dump in the sky! I'm pretty much packed...apart from the PC and some clothes (I decided I couldn't go to work naked this week....although I'm not sure if that would really be a HUGE problem!!!). That's it. Signing the lease on Tuesday, called Verizon to sort out my new number, called the electricity people. Ready to go.

The way that Sherri sees it...the move is gonna happen but she's not really playing a huge part in making it happen. I've come home from work a couple of days this week to find the office covered in much so that one day I thought we'd been burgled!!!! Or at least a tornado had occured. I'm sorting stuff out. So, I see......I think it took her the week to make some nice little buff coloured files into which the aforementioned papers could be placed. Very nice. So how's the rest of the move going. Very well. Really? I've come across two boxes...I repeat that...TWO boxes which have been packed. And, I think, Cassie, was the one that packed them. OK. So, this is the she left for Albany. She will be back next weekend. She will then have packed everything she needs and be out of the house by the following weekend. Hmmm. I have my doubts. I could do it....cos firstly I don't have nearly as much stuff as her and secondly, when I say I'm packing, I do actually put things into boxes. To me, packing does not consist of sorting out a few bits of paper and then putting them back on the shelves. Once you've sorted, you put them into a box. But, hey, this is not my problem. I'll be out of here and, hopefully, safely ensconced in my new bijou residence. And I am taking a couple of bits of furniture from here (completely legally, in case you think I'm just walking off with stuff cos the owner's not around to watch!!!) that's saved me huge amounts of money......might get round to buying a dining table...yep, the same thing I've been talking about for nearly 2 years rush really......

And while I'm rambling.....went out last night...first time since the trip to the hospital. Or, at least, first time socially. Went to Joe, we made a cake!!! And then we watched the Sex Files...very entertaining.....don't ask why. Think I've regressed. But have to say, it did come in useful this morning...caught up with's been about a year since I saw him, although we talked quite a lot and he tried to set me up with some mate of his (didn't work out, really didn't like him!)....last time was in my place downtown and I moved out of there in October. But time is clearly no good as ever. Hmmmmmmm.....very nice!!!!


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