Sunday, October 13, 2002

It's official. I'm depressed. How do I know that? Well it's probably cos I've been through more men in the last three days than there have been days!!! You know about Larry. He didn't show Saturday afternoon. OK. Can cope with that. It wasn't definite. No biggy. Was gonna go dance but felt a cold coming on so I didnt. And then I was sitting at home bored so I decided to go pick up a little something for the evening. So I did. 26 years old. Very cute. Kept me up far too late and I'm sure the neighbors are beginning to get annoyed. Missed most of this morning and when I sat down at the PC Rob was online. I replied and he informed me he'd IMd me about an hour previously. Oh well. That's life. Had an argument with him. Keeps telling me to go down to see him but when I say I'm coming he doesnt wanna know. Why? Oh he doesnt have people to stay over. What never? No? Why? Don't know? But u must stay over at other people's? No? Not true, you stayed with me? Yeah but we argued! Now the reason we argued (which I remembered and he claimed not to) was cos his condom split and he got annoyed cos I hadn't had an AIDS test. And then someone made a dent in the side of his car while he was asleep. Anyway, not important. So what about coming to London. Told you I was going at the end of the year and you said you didnt want to go until next year. If I go it's cos of the INS and I'll have to go when they say. Oh well we can go whenever. So, let me get this straight. You'll get on a plane with me for 8 hours and spend however many days in England with me. But you'll not spend a night in my afternoon, OK but not the hours of darkness. Yeah, I know it's mad. Too right it is. AAAAAGH.

So I was annoyed and went to the opening of the new Wegmans. Came back and there were some IM messages from Jim (divorced of Kenmore). Clearly he didnt realise I wasnt there cos the last one was really shitty about if I didnt reply he was gonna take me off his IM list. So I replied and told him I'd been out. But you were online? Yeah, cos I have a cable modem and sometimes I just leave it on. Oh, I didnt know. Well you do now. Anyway I gotta do my laundry. Why? Err cos I need clean undies. So then he gets totally annoyed and tells me to have a nice life. I mean...what the hell was that all about???????

But, here's my consolation half of a pair of twins is coming over on Wednesday. And he didnt even mind when I told him twins could be really fun!!!! Mmmmmmm........pleasant dreams :-)


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