Saturday, October 12, 2002

Well it appears that the comp in NJ is off...lack of interest....although Chris didn't seem that happy when he told me so I guess it's not his lack of interest. And I just got a dress..POOH! Well, never mind. It'll work for the Jan showcase and there's a comp in March so not a total waste. Y approved of it. Gotta get it taken up - I knew that. And now I got some feathers and stuff to sew on the bottom. Very sexy. She's going to look for some black rhinestones to make it sparkle. Mmmmmm!!! Sharon told me she'd been looking for a dress but couldn't find one....heee heeee.

Given up on Miho totally. Never dancing with him again. He joined the WC class on Tuesday and then decided it was more fun to try and break my wrist. Hurt so much by the time he'd finished with it. Hard to explain but it's one of those silly side-by-side positions where he's meant to push on the wrist so that I turn into him. Everyone else manages to do it with the palm of their hand. He has to grip the wrist and yank it. OWWWWWW. And to that some wandering hands and that was pretty much the last straw. If I take any more lessons there it'll be with someone else!

Started Bolero last night at Freds (and check out the web site, there's some piccys of me on it!)...actually have had a couple of lessons on it but that was a long time ago so pretty much back to basics.. And remembered that I have a left knee. Damn. Forgot I couldn't bend it too much cos it hurts - that's the reason I tend to give Samba a miss. Most other dances don't affect it but you can really tell with Bolero. Whaddya mean I'm not bending as much on one side? Oh yeah. I know HURTS!!!! Hmmmm......gotta some exercises to practices....give them a go: bend at the knees, push off with the left foot and move to the right while rising up. Then, at the right side, bend at the knees, push with the right and back to the left. Sounds easy? Try it without raising up on your toes and you'll see how much you have to bend to make the rise and fall noticeable. Now you know why the knee doesn't want to play. Oh, and I have to practise the interior decorator arm movements - great big brush strokes. Bolero is such as OTT dance. But cute when it's done well.......

Larry came round last night. Was waiting for me when I got back. Think we may have upset the neighbours. Oh well, better get used to it. Slept so well but feel like crap today. My eyes are burning and I keep yawning. Pathetic. Thought he was coming round this afternoon but I guess not. Just as well. Need more sleep I think.


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