Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Big Dose of Reality

Happy news...he likes me...or at least he says he does. That's a start. Stopped the tears. Sort of.

Unhappy news....fired someone today. After I'd updated this yesterday, I checked my email. Note from my boss. He'd been looking at one of sales people contact sheets and he wasn't happy. So much so, he'd personally checked all their emails, phone calls and web sites and decided she wasn't doing enough work. Which I sort of knew but was probably blocking out cos she'd signed a potentially huge account and has another very good one ready to close. Shit. No excuse for not going in today. I went. We talked. We had our weekly sales meeting and then we met with her and....that was that. Actually all totally civilised. She admitted she had been discouraged and wasn't really in the job. Then she said she'd been thinking about quitting anyway to pursue a PhD. So overall it wasn't too painful. Wandered round the rest of the day in shock. Don't think it was the decision. Think it was more the speed at which it had occured. Obviously JB (bossman) had been working on this for a while but the first indication of the firing that I got was last night and by this morning it was all over. Plus the fact that there was no offer of putting her on formal notice for a month. Nope, straight out.

The worse thing is there's someone else going on Friday. She hasn't been told yet but it's been on the cards for a while.

My head hurts. Drove home half-dazed...and nearly drove into the back of someone as a result. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........I so need a cigarette! Or a tall, cute Canadian.....LOL...that worked...pleasant thoughts, pleasant thoughts.........


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